The Ordinary General Meeting of BIC-COMOROS shareholders

The Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders of BIC-COMOROS, held on May 29th, was marked by an exceptional event. For the first time in over 10 years, BIC-COMORES announced a positive net profit of 512 million KMF. The main objective of this meeting was the examination of the annual accounts for the year 2022 and the validation of proposed resolutions. Shareholders, board members, and the management of BIC-COMOROS were gathered under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. A notable feature of this assembly was the participation of AFG group executives, who attended online. Mr. KONE DOSSONGUI , President of Atlantic Group, and Leon Konan KOFFI, Vice President of Atlantic Financial Group, were present, accompanied by members of the AFG Group’s Board of Directors.

The announcement of a positive net profit of 512 million KMF was met with satisfaction and demonstrated the successful efforts made by BIC-COMOROS to strengthen its position in the market and improve its profitability. In addition to the examination of the annual accounts, the general meeting approved various resolutions, including the approval of the annual accounts and the appointment of new members to the board of directors. This meeting marks a significant turning point for BIC-COMOROS, showcasing its commitment to transparency and its determination to continue its growth and success in the financial market.